Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today we went and visited Candace's grave. Ethan walked right up to her grave marker and plopped himself down and sat there for quite some time. It was very cute. We enjoy the opportunity to visit Candace's grave, especially on a holiday like today when the whole cemetery is full of flowers.
Zach was feeling a little weak, poor kid.
We miss you very much Candace. I find myself doing several headcounts on the kids, because I always sense I'm missing one, and I am. Thinking of you my little angel.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Candace's 3rd Birthday!

Today it was extremely cold, but we would never let that keep us from visiting our sweet baby's grave. We huddled together as best we could. Because Ethan has been so sick, we kept him in the car parked about 10 feet away. We placed flowers next to Candace's grave marker and stood in a circle and sang songs together.You can see which direction the wind is blowing just by looking at all the balloons.
Looks like they're getting ready to fly kites instead of release balloons. It was so windy! We love the view from way up on this hill. It's always such a nice place to go and talk or quietly ponder.
3...2...1 off they go carrying messages of love and birthday wishes for our sweet Candace.

You are always in our hearts, but especially today we're sending birthday wishes your way.
Happy Birthday sweet little angel.
We love you!