Friday, August 1, 2014

A Bonus Visit

 We went back to Oregon to visit family and friends 
and were able to spend a little time at Candace's grave.  
There is such a peaceful feeling when our family is 
gathered together there.
 I had to get a picture with all 5 of my children 
in it, even if it's just a picture of Candace. =)
As we were getting ready to leave, Hailey was 
having a hard time.  I was standing back a bit
 and noticed Zach put his arm around her and 
comfort her.  It was such a sweet moment to capture.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Candace's 7th Birthday

 Filled the balloons with our letters for Candace,
  and we're ready to launch the balloons. 
Back at home ready to celebrate with cake and presents.
Grandpa Carroll was able to visit Candace's grave 
and sent us this picture.  It brings so much peace 
to us to see her grave getting visited on her birthday.  
Thank you!